I just wanted to drop you a line and express my sincere appreciation for the great job you did on our PR project. You are a consummate professional! The attention to detail you apply and your creativity is what sets you and your company apart from the competitors. Your PR knowledge and expertise was instrumental in shaping our campaign.

David Plunkett
Product Manager
Basic Research

About Omni Publicity And Public Relations Group

As the name implies, Omni Publicity And Public Relations is a group of veteran media professionals with decades of experience in providing full service publicity and PR to our clients. Our roots stem from mainstream advertising, PR, and publicity, however we currently work almost exclusively with authors, publishers and non profit groups. We bring to the table a lifetime of invaluable knowledge and experience garnished with a unique blend of talent and creativity rarely found in the publishing industry.

The successful transition to author publicity and book marketing was made years ago. Sense then, we’ve worked with hundreds of authors and publishers. During that period we've come to know and understand their needs. By harnessing our vast knowledge and experiences to the specialized field of book marketing and author publicity we’re able to provide you with a much bigger "bang” for your promotional dollar. We have the experience, strong media contacts and the unique talents that can and will move your campaign forward!

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Our concept of "partnership" is much deeper than the diluted cliché it has become. We believe it is a relationship characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility, built to drive the success of your author publicity and book marketing campaigns. That said, we will work very closely with you on a daily basis- keeping you apprised of your campaign's progress and making doubly sure your investment has been well placed.
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Quite simply, Omni Publicity And Public Relations Group guarantees your satisfaction with our work --- period!