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April 5, 2005

Author and Expert Anne Bissell Invited To Appear On Dr. Phil

"Dr. Phil's trademark 'get real' has never been more appropriate than in this show!"
About The Author:

Anne Bissell, a third-generation writer and former technical writer in the computer industry, has a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Performing Arts/Journalism) from the University of Maryland. She has worked for nearly twenty years as a professional writer, and has also earned a certificate in writing from the University of California, San Diego. She is the author of the popular new book "Memoirs of a sex Industry Survivor" (Cleopatra International Publications ISBN 0-9746060-0-6).

Bissell has studied women in the sex industry for over two decades. She has worked successfully with women in the criminal justice system with the mission to help them get out of prostitution. She lives with her husband and son in Southern California.

What they're saying about Bissell's popular new book "Memoirs of a Sex Industry Survivor":

Midwest book review gave "Memoirs of a Sex Industry Survivor" their highest rating of 5 Stars and Baker & Taylor Book Distributors awarded its greatest accolade last year of "Hot Pick"!

Author of the popular new book "Memoirs of a Sex Industry Survivor" Anne Bissell accepted an invitation to voice her expert professional opinion on the Dr. Phil show! "Bad Influences" was taped in February and is due to air on Monday May 2, 2005 (consult your local listings for details).

"Dr. Phil's trademark 'get real' has never been more appropriate than in this show" said Bissell. "It seemed to have taken on an entirely new connotation."

Anne is an author and activist who lit a revolution. She has dedicated her life to deglamourizing the multi-billion dollar sex industry while rehabilitating its victims and the victims of sexual abuse. Bissell has become known as the "Anti- Jenna Jameson" of today's society.

Dr. Phil invited Anne to be part of his show knowing full well she has studied women in the sex industry for over two decades and would be the antithesis of the "bad influences" at the core of this controversial drama.

The show is centered on one sister and her cadre's attempt to convince her twin to join her as a prostitute at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada. So to not give a way any of the show details, suffice it to say Anne is confronted with considerable opposition from notorious flesh peddlers in the peanut gallery.

The ever benevolent Bissell remained undaunted by the ignominious arguments tabled by the perverse antagonists. Their "indulge yourself today who cares about tomorrow" credo proved to be too weak an argument for this discussion. Anne efficiently dispelled their notion by clearly pointing out the mortifying life long emotional consequences prostitution has on its victims; making the case it destroys any chance for a normal life. She exposes the myths of 'the life' being liberating and glamorous for the painful truth of what prostitution really is…paid rape!

This is all too familiar dialogue for Bissell. She hears the same shallow discourse through the mouths' of the victims she councils. The author is the founder of Sex Industry Survivors Anonymous, and co-founder of Sexual Abuse Survivors in Recovery Anonymous. Both are twelve step recovery programs.

Anne is committed to bring to light the coarse realities of prostitution, among them the enduring traumatic emotional scars it victims' bear. Her objectives are to enlighten women considering prostitution as an option to its consequences and to help those who leave it, heal.

Interview Availability:
Anne is very professional and very well spoken. She is media trained and has appeared on countless Radio and TV shows including Fox Network News and Dr. Phil. The expert author is available for interviews nationwide by arrangement and via telephone or satellite. Anne is also available as a last-minute guest.

Among the topics that Anne is an expert and discusses:
" Designer Sex
" Minors in the sex industry
" The link between sexual abused teens and prostitution
" Sex industry and sexual abuse recovery
" Sex Trafficking/Sex Slavery
" Legalizing Prostitution (anti)

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