Dear Joe,

Thank you for all of your help. My book has spread around the world. It has reached Asia, Japan, South America, and all throughout North America. I recommend your services to any one looking for serious results. Please give my email address to any one looking for a reference.

Bobby Mitchall
Author Of-
The Whole Truth
Answers To Every New Believer's Questions

I just wanted to drop you a line and express my sincere appreciation for the great job you did on our PR project. You are a consummate professional! The attention to detail you apply and your creativity is what sets you and your company apart from the competitors. Your PR knowledge and expertise was instrumental in shaping our campaign.

David Plunkett
Product Manager
Basic Research


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Omni Experts is quickly becoming editors’ and show producers’ favorite source for interesting guests. In brief, Omni Experts is an online directory of guests available for interviews on TV, radio and print. Our experts have appeared on scores of National TV and radio shows as well as in print - most notability Dr. Phil, A Current Affair, Geraldo, FOX News Channel, NPR radio, The Miami Herald and GLOBE to name just a mere few.

We will develop a Personal Promotional Page for you and market it to newspaper and magazine editors, reporters, freelance writers, and radio and TV show producers.

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It is no great big secret! Authors have been successfully using talk radio interviews as their core medium in their book marketing plan - and it sell books!!!

We will get you results - guaranteed! We're willing to guarantee a minimum of twelve (12) talk radio interviews…and all additional radio interviews are FREE!

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It has been proven time and time again that books backed by a strong marketing plan climb the best seller list, and strong book marketing and author publicity plans always include a single succinct message (Message Continuity™) communicated through all marketing materials and supported by an effective publicity campaign.

Omni Publicity And Public Relations Group has developed a comprehensive author publicity and book marketing program designed to effectively carry your message throughout your entire campaign, driving your book to the top of the charts!

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Our concept of "partnership" is much deeper than the diluted buzz word that it has become. We believe it is a relationship characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility, that drives the success of your author publicity and book marketing campaigns. That said, we will work very closely with you on a daily basis- keeping you apprised of our accomplishments on your campaign and making doubly sure your investment has been well placed.
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We are committed to delivering to you the best quality publicity campaign possible. Our Goal will be accomplished by tasking our vast knowledge, creativity and tapping our extensive resources. Additionally we understand the degree of a author publicity or book marketing campaign success is measured in results. Therefore Omni publicity And Public Relations Group is willing to put its money where its mouth is. Quite simply, Omni Publicity and Public Relations Group guarantees you will be satisfied with the results of our efforts or there is no charge to you --- period!