Anne Bissell
Author of:
"Memoirs of a Sex Industry Survivor"
Media Appearances
Anne Bissell accepts Dr. Phil's invitation to be an expert on the 'Bad Influences' episode!
The popular news magazine 'A Current Affair' does an in-depth story on author Anne Bissell!
Big Story host Rita Cosby talks with Anne Bissell about the sex industry!
Investigative reporter
John Blosser interviews Anne Bissell!
Dick Berry and Carla Hult interviews Anne Bissell at the Rescue and Restore Coalition Conference.
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Press Releases
Sept 24, 2004
Expert And Author Anne Bissell Makes Special Appearance At The Rescue And Restore Coalition Conference
December 2, 2004
From Playing With Dolls To Walking The Streets!
Is Your Daughter In Danger?
January 5, 2005
Designer Sex- A New Euphemism For The Oldest Profession!
Is Your Daughter Involved?
March 11, 2005
Pornography Driving Demand For International Sex Trafficking.
April 5, 2005
Author and Expert Anne Bissell Invited To Appear On The Dr. Phil Show!
Interview Availability:
Anne is a true professional and very well spoken. She is media trained and has appeared on countless Radio and TV shows including Dr. Phil, A Current Affair, and Fox Network News. Expert and author Bissell is available for interviews nationwide by arrangement and via telephone or satellite. Anne is also available as a last-minute guest.
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Anne Bissell
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Anne Bissell

Author of: "Memoirs of a Sex Industry Survivor"

ISBN 0-9746060-6-0
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Book Reviews
Memoirs Of A Sex Industry Survivor is unique, compelling, informative, entertaining, and strongly recommended reading.
5 Stars -- Midwest Book Review
"Anne Bissell's Memoirs of a Sex Industry Survivor is a powerful, important book.
Lisa M. Najavits, Ph.D.
Trauma Research Program, McLean Hospital
Associate Professor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
Anne Bissell's story is chillingly real, dramatic and typical of the lives led by hundreds of thousands of American children right here in the United States.
Dr. Lois Lee
Founder and President
Children of the Night
Until I read Memoirs of a Sex Industry Survivor, I thought I was completely alone in my desperate attempts to heal from the traumatic and devastating effects of my past.
Aspen Brock
Former Porn Star
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Bissell has delivered a message of hope and recovery into churches, recovery homes, and jails to both prostituted survivors and victims of other sex crimes. She has launched 12-step meetings for sexual abuse survivors in several Southern California cities, and is planning to expand meetings throughout the United States.
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